24 Weeks: Crib

This week we had our 24 week doctor appointment (only our 3rd one so far) and found out everything is still looking great.

About baby: He is ~1.5lbs now and 12″ long from head to rump, he is constantly moving and Rob can feel him kicking him in the back when I spoon him.  I try to make sure he gets to experience as much of the movement as possible 🙂

About me: They say my belly is the size of the soccer ball now and that is exactly what it looks like.  I was measuring 25cm and they look for a cm per week, so I am on target.  Unfortunately, I also learned at this appointment that I should not fly again in our airplane until after the baby arrives due to the placement of the seatbelt buckle over my belly.  I am pretty bummed I won’t get to fly, but know it is not worth the risk.  I am up 15lbs so far.  I have noticed that my pace when walking is slowing down and I have a few more restless nights, but overall no complaints as this little guy has been very easy on me.

This week Rob was out of town for work, but we were able to sneak in some time to build the crib before he left.  It is fun to have a crib in the baby room, and we should have the dresser and closet organizer in place by the end of March.  Yes, if you were wondering if the walls are purple, they are 🙂  Rob and I both really liked how cheerful this wall color already was as our guest room and decided it would be the perfect color to keep the walls now that it is the baby’s room.

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