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November, 2014:


We have so much to be thankful for again this year including being surrounded and supported by amazing friends and family. My annual activity of reviewing the ads for Black Friday shopping included a helper this year.

Bethel, Cooper and Grandma Valerie

We spent Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend’s house where Cooper enjoyed making whip cream for the dessert. He even got to lick his first beater.

No Fear

Today we went to the biggest McDonald’s type play land I have ever seen. There was a ball pit, many slides and literally floors of obstacle paths to climb up and through. We were there with some toddler group friends and family friends. I was reminded if one of the 6’5″ dads can crawl around, I can too, even with a Nicholas strapped to my chest. We were all sweating by the end, but also had really big smiles. Our typically timid Cooper went down this huge 4 story slide following a friend the first time, but then went down by himself a few more times. Nicholas and I went down once with Cooper, but then opted to wait for him at the bottom the other times. http://youtu.be/t-mooBACKIs

Cart Buddies

Today Cooper and Nicholas were cart buddies for the first time. By the end Nicholas was tipping over tired so the next cart buddy trip will need to wait a bit.