11 Months!

Yikes only one more month until Cooper will be a year old, where did the time go?  As you can see his monthly photos are getting harder and harder to have him lay still for.

This month Cooper has been enjoying crazy textures such as ground turkey, grapes, quinoa, tuna, and edamame to name a few.  He is showing a preference for eating with his left hand.

Turkey and broccoli

As he continues to get older we are packing up more of the baby supplies including the pumping items, bottle warmer (refrigerator or room temperature bottles only now), and the jumpers.

He continues to enjoy using his 7 sharp little teeth on anything he can get in his mouth including our shoulders and cheeks.

Still taking two naps, first one ~20 minutes around 8:30 and the second one for ~1 hour around 2.  Bed time is now a little shorter from 7:30pm – 6am (was 7am, poor mom ;))

His army crawling is getting quicker and he loves to play with any door or door stopper he can get his hands on.

Firsts: He can now easily move to a sitting position from laying down and did not enjoy his first time in a swing.

The full set of pictures for Cooper’s 11 month can be found here.

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