Chilly Zoo Adventures

Mama and Cooper with the penguins
Today we headed out with my friend Jen and her little bug Zoey to check out the zoo. It was a day full of chilly adventures.
Cooper and Zoey posing with an orangutan that smiled when we took pictures!
Zoey loves riding the carousel, but Cooper still seemed very hesitant so we sat this adventure out and waved as they passed by. After such a fun visit it makes me realize we should really go in the summer time when more animals are out and we don’t have to wear nearly as many layers. Just like on the way there, the 520 bridge was being closed for boat traffic when we were heading home. This never happens, let alone twice in one day! This time instead of driving around we thought we would see if we could beat the closure. The answer was no, but we were the first car stopped so we had a great view of the bridge opening and big crane boat moving through. A rare 520 experience and even Daddy was a little jealous when we told him of the adventure.  

Mr. Inquisitive

This picture captures our little man and what we think is an amazing ability to concentrate. He will spend 20+ minutes playing with something over and over again until he figures out how it works to a level of his liking.