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Day 9: More Family Fun

Always trying to win over the ladies with Auntie Catherine
To wrap up the last day of the reunion Rob hit the golf course to watch some of the guys play while Cooper and I hung back with the rest of the family. After a day of relaxation we headed back to the lake cabin for some barbecue and great conversation on the porch.
Nana, Pop-pop, Mama, Cooper, Great Uncle Charlie, Great Aunt Zoe, Great Uncle Ed and Auntie Catherine
Cooper loved playing with Nana, especially when she sang the song about how the ladies, gentlemen and cowboys ride. To wrap up the night and the reunion Cooper took his clothes off…for his first birthday cake experience made by Anna and Catherine.
Cooper’s first birthday cake
We ended up making it a late night back at the hotel so that Cooper could have additional time with the family.
Auntie Catherine are you drinking water without giving me a sip first?
After a bath my hair was fluffed and we were friends again 🙂