Day 10: Exploring Montgomery

Cooper showing the love to Bryan

Taking advantage of our open itinerary (insert increased anxiety level for the planner Kelly :)) we decided to spend another day in Alabama and explore Montgomery.  As a bonus we got to visit with Elizabeth and Bryan (Catherine and Anna’s parents) for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to downtown Montgomery for a driving tour while Cooper snoozed.

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr preached
First White House of the Confederacy

We stopped at the hotel for a snack and to unload all of our bags

Cooper hanging out in case Daddy drops a Frito

We headed out again to see more of the city by foot.  We walked along the riverfront and discovered the local minor league baseball team was in town.  This is a little joke between Rob and I since he always checks the baseball schedules whenever we travel, but we didn’t know when we left that we would be spending a day in Montgomery.

Another capital city, another boardwalk family pic

A few years ago Rob got a Montgomery Biscuits shirt for his birthday.  The  fact that he owned the shirt meant we had to at least go to a game to make us official fans.  We would have lost some serious money if you would have bet us that Cooper’s first baseball game would not be the Mariners, let alone a Montgomery Biscuits game.

Cooper’s first baseball game
Yes, they even have a biscuit stand at the stadium

On our walk back to the car we wanted to capture a picture in front of the Riverfront sign.  Cooper photo-bombed us in one of my favorite family pictures from the trip.

Daddy, Mama and our little Lovebug

The glamorous life of making food for a toddler on the road means preparing the next days snacks in the bathroom.

On the menu: cheese, grapes and blueberries
Our little super trooper sleeping in his pack-n-play in his 5th location so far

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