4 Years Old

Stats: Height 44in (98%), Weight 48lbs (98%)


Wears size 5/6 shirts and 5T pants and size 11 shoes.  A few weeks ago Cooper decided he was going to sleep in his undies at night and he has been dry ever since (nearly two years from his first potty training weekend).  Last shots until 11 yrs old (other than flu).  Was super nervous and took a while to even consider it, but once it happened was fine and said it didn’t hurt.


Language, Cooper has some amazing phrases that we will be really sad to see pass once he starts using the L and Th sounds and figures out the correct words.  Right now you get in a lion (line), you can also make a chance (choice), beeritos (burritos), I was sinking (thinking), relarm (alarm), rerection (direction), oosually (usually), respect (expect), yittle (little).  Some more fun phrases are volume it up (requesting to turn up the music, comes from asking Alexa to “volume up”) and go straightward/frontward (going in the direction of straight or forward).  For over a month leading up to his birthday Cooper would ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) how many days until his birthday.  Alexa is the first word we have heard him say with a super clear L sound, probably all that practice with no response unless he said it clearly 🙂

When he gets really excited he lets out a squeal and jumps up and down and hold his hands up like a kangaroo, showing off his beautiful sparkling eyes and big double dimple smile.

Ever since the beginning of the year after a visit to Toysrus, Cooper has been asking for an edger.  I have to give the kid credit, for 6 months he consistently asked for an edger for his birthday and didn’t waiver once on what he wanted.  His dreams did come true on his birthday and he loves it from morning until night each day 🙂

This marks the first year Cooper was in school to celebrate his birthday too, crown in all.


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