Visiting Nene

Sunshine, family and baseball, all amazing reasons to visit Nene in Goodyear for spring training.  Rob and Cooper traveled to a nearby town to see the Mariners play.  Cooper was over the moon getting to watch baseball and have Daddy time!

Nicholas loved having craft time with Nene.

We were able to all enjoy a spring training game in Goodyear.  The boys got their first real baseballs from Nene and LOVE playing with them.

Nene found these sweaters that were made by my Grandma for me and my sister so we wanted to capture the boys in them too.  They were really into the photo shoot and I think the matching skeleton pajamas adds a nice touch 🙂

Nicholas was in heaven at Nene’s house.  The kid LOVES rocks, and rocks were everywhere!  He made up his own greeting routine for the golfers passing by on the golf course in her backyard.  He would lift his shirt and slap his belly.  It was hysterical to watch and the golfers got a kick out of it too.


Family bonfire making smores, one of my very favorite activities.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and hospitality, Nene!

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