Cooper at 3 3/4

Cooper loves jumping.  It is his go to dance move.  He is a big fan of the Kinect Adventure game where you have to jump to go fast down a train track.

He rarely naps, but when he does it is often in a unique place as if he just collapsed mid play.  Building pillow piles to jump in is a daily activity for C and N.

Cooper loves to dig, be outside and hangout with Grandpa.  Doing all three at the same time is the best!

Tape, everything needs tape.  Wrapping presents is a favorite activity for our “Mama/Cooper” time each afternoon after his 1 hour 5 minute rest time and Nicholas is still napping.  If there are no presents to be wrapped, there is still a need for tape.

Sock gloves, they are a staple of his outfit each day.  This might have come from us using socks on Nicholas’ hands in the winter, but it has had some serious staying power with Cooper.  He even wears them to school, but takes them off when asked and they come home in his school bag.

Nothing makes him happier than a chance to go flying with Daddy.  He has reached expert passenger status and does a great job listening and knowing each step of the process.  He even reminded Rob to grab the chocks after one of their stops.

Our regular commercial flights are also making an impact in his play.  With our new shoe holder he decided to set up an airport security line where you put your shoes in the bin.  It always amazes us what he picks up on from our day to day experiences.

Finally, I leave you with this.  Yes, I am the parent who gives my kid real pruners to cut the grass.  This is not a punishment, he loves it and it is only second to pulling weeds…  I love Cooper’s love of the outdoors and yard work.

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