Mariners Fan Appreciation Day

Mariners Fan Fest was a blast.  We were able to sit in the visitors dugout just like the players.

A highlight for both boys was getting to run the bases.  In preparation for the day Cooper was very hesitant to go on the field.  He was really worried that there would be players on the field and we would be hit by a ball.  He insisted we had to sit in the seats only.  When we finally got to the stadium he really didn’t want to go on the field, but finally warmed up and had a blast once he saw there were no players around…

Playing catch with his boys on the Mariners field was a highlight for Rob.  It looks like our boys both have pretty good arms so it will be interesting to see if either end up enjoying playing baseball as they get older.

Our little Felix.

Hmm, we will have to try a family photo with the Mariners Moose in a couple of more years.  The boys were definitely not fans this time around.

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