Christmas Traditions

We went to the toddler Christmas symphony with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was the first time Rob and I went too and we all really enjoyed the show.  We followed up the performance with some miniature train watching and play time at the Children’s museum.

Decorating gingerbread houses was a hit.  Cooper loved eating the frosting like it was one of his fruit packets.  Rob and I agreed that the pre-assembled house was key to our success because we didn’t have to battle collapsing walls while decorating.

We toured a tree farm with Nicholas’ preschool.

We attempted to make some sort of Christmas card, but without a plan I was stumped on how to use them.

We wrapped up our traditions with the annual zoo light trip with my cousin Shannon and her extended family.  The boys were really into Christmas lights this year making this trip even more fun.

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