20 Months

Developments:  First Words!  Nicholas now has a few “parents understand only” words: Up, Yes, Beer.  Mama is his go to sound for when he is sad or wants a snuggle, but doesn’t necessarily mean he wants me specifically.  His sign for eat is used to also let us know he is uncomfortable or unsure of a situation.  We now have had almost 2 months of weekly social therapist and bi-weekly physical therapist visits.  Nicholas has really warmed up to both of them and greets them at the door with a smile and excited to play.  He has been making strides in controlling his frustration, displaying patience and regulating his body.  Meals have become almost relaxing at times with Nicholas signing “all done” or “napkin” to tell us he is ready to be cleaned up.

Our boy is displaying a sillier side and likes to face backwards when he first gets in his car seat and thinks he is hysterical.

Starting the race with the neighborhood friends, ie how to get the kids to use up energy every chance we get.

Physical:  Nicholas is now wearing 2t clothes and size 4 diapers.  We still use a nighttime diaper over night.  He poops ~3 times a day with two of those likely happening before 9am.  Check out his belly and to think he was identified as “failure to thrive” just 8 months ago.

Routine:  We have dropped the morning “rest” all but 1 or 2 days a week when I need to take a shower. His afternoon nap is pretty consistently 2 hours, often with a cry for a few minutes after an hour.  Bedtime starts with a bath at 6:30 with Daddy and then getting dressed, brushing teeth and reading two books with Mama.  The favorite book this month is Dear Zoo.  The last book read each night continues to be I am a Bunny.  Nicholas is not a fan of brushing his teeth right now, but loves the liquid vitamin part of his routine and eager requests it with a “ba” each night.

Eating: Nicholas loves carbs more than anything this month.  He will eat other food after the carbs are gone or if they are not offered at a meal.  He starts every morning with two prunes, a full container of greek yogurt (1/2 flavored, 1/2 plain), a cup of fruit and a sippy cup of milk.  He continues to drink just an ounce or two of milk at a meal.  Lunch is typically a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes and some pirate booty or veggie straws with water to drink.  Dinner is a variety of foods, typically pasta or chicken a couple times a week.  His diet also includes a daily sip of the beer he helps Daddy open each evening.  This evening he got a full handful of beer foam too.


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