Cooper is taking the opportunity to nap each day with ~20% success.  Most of the time he plays pretty quietly moving his books around or dumping and reloading his hamper.  When he does fall asleep he looks so peaceful it is hard not to want to lay down next to him and snuggle up.

When you dress yourself to look like an inmate it is hard for Mama not to put you to work with manual labor so she can have a giggle at your own expense 🙂

With two beds in his room currently, twice this week Cooper has chosen to nap between the two beds on the floor.

You can probably guess that with a lack of napping from big brother he has needed some extra attention.  Nicholas found that to be the perfect time to pull down his lunch plate and start eating while I was upstairs with Cooper.  I was suspicious what he found to make him quiet for so long, but was pleasantly surprised to find eating off the floor was all it ended up being.

To help prepare for his PEPS friends to come over, Cooper opted to take a bit out of each apple I had laid out to cut up for their snack.

The boys love the opportunity to meet Daddy after work and help him come home.  One might argue that wearing a backpack, carrying a toddler and trying to push a bike uphill with the help of a preschooler is not all that helpful (especially when your wife opts to take pictures instead of help)…

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