19 Months

Nicholas is getting more silly and smiley each week.  This month marks the first complete month of having a weekly social therapist and bi-weekly physical therapist to work with Nicholas on social interactions and movements that give him the big feedback he craves.  He is warming up to them and we are all learning new ways to interact and play together.

A highlight of Nicholas’ day continues to be when Daddy comes home and he gets to help him open a beer.  He insists on a sip of each beer he helps pour.

The boys and their beer

During the boys weekend Nicholas had his first corn on the cob and loved it.

When the water is warm Nicholas is a big fan of swim lessons with Daddy.  We are also working on extending the time that he is in care at the gym with a quick visit each Saturday during brother’s swim lesson.

Firsts: Swim lessons, corn on the cob, toddler group, Mariners game, Weekend away from Mama

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