Nana and Pop-pop Visit

A Nana and Pop-pop visit isn’t complete without a few adventures.  We went to the Evergreen State fair where Cooper got to ride his first carnival ride.  He chose the cars.

They even went to the locks to find some salmon and watch some boats.

We explored the Children’s Museum in Everett.  The change collecting hurricane type bowl was a big hit.  Cooper probably spent 75% of his time watching the model trains and they both really enjoyed the water exhibit.

Nicholas looked like a little robot when walking in his apron since it was the longest it could be without dragging on the ground.


Building structures for the water fountains is hard work.

Nicholas was in heaven being fed Pirate Booty by Nana.

So much so that he is signing for more even though not another drop of anything would fit in his mouth.

Cooper had so much to say to his captured/captive audience of Pop-pop at the stove while cooking.

We celebrated Nana’s birthday a little early so we could give her some presents in person and of course eat cake with her too.

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