18 Months


Height: 32.5 in. (50%)

Weight: 26lbs. 9oz. (75%)

Head Circumference: 19.8 in. (98%)

Developments: Nicholas loves to be outside and walking.  He now exclusively walks and uses crawling only to be silly or when he is really tired.  Our boy loves to point!  His primary verbal sound is baa, but he definitely associates words with getting things and seems to vary his baa sound.  The ma sound comes out really quickly if I am not the one to go get him from his crib.  Apparently he says ma repeatedly and goes straight to our bedroom looking for me.  When you ask for a kiss this is the adorable face you get.

Nicholas loves music.  If he hears Run Baby Run, Bad Blue Jay or Small Black Ant by Caspar Babypants he gets a huge smile and instantly starts dancing.  His favorite toy is a tape measure.  His favorite book is the First 100 Words.  When reading that book for every nap and bedtime he makes sounds for the firetruck, car and airplane.  He will make a moo sound for the cow and of course a baa for the sheep.  He also makes a eese noise for the picture of cheese or if you hold a phone up and he thinks you are going to take a picture.

Nicholas loves to clean.  Any drop of water on the floor quickly gets wiped up by him.  Nicholas makes many of the water puddles, he cleans up, when he pushes the water button on the outside of the fridge.  We go through a ton of hand towels.

He loves to do everything his brother does.  Many times throughout the day, the boys get their walkers and Nicholas takes the lead as they run around the house.

If Nicholas is ever quiet for very long he has gone one of two places.  He either raced to the bathroom to climb the stool and play with the faucet or headed up both flights of stairs to giggle with delight while looking down through the spindles.

Physical: The top right canine is now poking through.  Nicholas has mastered using his smile to flirt and communicate when he wants something. He wears size 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Eating: Nicholas loves carbs and doesn’t hold back his excitement if you ask him if he wants some crackers, bread, etc.  We are adding an “all done” plate to each meal to give him a place to put food instead of throwing it when he is done eating.  It is a work in progress to get to the end of a meal without him getting really upset and hitting his head on his chair.  Nicholas loves his camelback water bottle and drinks ~6oz a day of milk during his three meals with a Nuk cup.

Routine: Nicholas wakes up around 6am and takes his first “nap” at 8am.  His morning nap pretty much never includes sleeping now, but it is still the time I use to shower and Cooper gets dressed.  We have a snack and then head out for the days activities.  Lunch and then an afternoon nap.  A 1.5 hour nap is common.  Sometimes he wakes after an hour to cry for 10-20 minutes before falling asleep again getting closer to a 2 hour nap.  Dinner at 5:30pm, with bath time at 6:30pm and in bed at 7pm.  My favorite part of each day is how cuddly Nicholas gets before going to bed.  He holds on like a koala bear and completely relaxes as we sing him his goodnight song.


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