90 Years

So many great memories with this group.  Doris went to high school with my Grandma and Betty Baker, the mother of the “kids” pictured.  When I saw Doris a few months ago, for the first time since our wedding, she had mentioned wanting to see the Baker kids.  Getting word of this request and learning her 90th birthday is this October we had to make something happen.

My mom reached out to the Baker family and found old pictures for us all to reminisce over.  Doris seemed so happy and that made it all worth it.  It makes me miss my Grandma, but all cherish the memories even more.

Pictures with the blanket Doris made my mom for her baby shower for me and my kiddos.  Pretty cool to think the blanket is almost 40 years old and we can have four generations together with it.

The sweetest lady you will ever meet.  Her smile and laugh fill my heart with such happy memories.  I am so happy she got to meet our kids and help keep our camping group together after all these years.

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