He wants to do everything we are doing.  The most successful times are had when we can find a way to have him “help” with a task instead of trying to rush to get it done without him.  Examples: He now has his own eye shadow in our bathroom and proudly puts it all over his face.  When unloading the dryer he holds up each piece of laundry to the light inside the dryer to “dry it.”

I oat it = I ate it

Bee-rito = burrito

“I want to tell you something” or “let’s talk about it” – both daily sayings we use with him.

Yesterday – Nearly everything that has happened in the past is referenced as “yesterday”

Repeating our names.  To get our attention he will say Mama and especially Daddy at least 3 times.  We often do it to him so it is not too surprising to have it come back to us.

Each night he needs a “pretend” black and white remote placed into his hands when he is in bed.  Yes, he calls them pretend, yes they are pretend, and yes Daddy does this for him every night.  It started when there were some scary characters during Tumble Leaf.  We gave him the remote so he could turn them off if they entered his dreams.  We are hoping this has some staying power as he enters the stage where some kids start having nightmares.

Each time Daddy is in the kitchen at dinner time Cooper will ask him what kind of pasta he is making.  You think we might make pasta a bit too often?

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