Two weeks ago, this morning Daddy got up with Nicholas to start a cold turkey weaning attempt, which meantgoing from a morning and night feeding to none.   We didn’t talk about it before, so none of us knew in advance that Friday night would be the last feeding, for better or worse.  I left Saturday evening to be out of the house for Daddy to do bedtime without the reminder to nurse, and Nicholas was only slightly off by the change in the routine.  In the morning, we now go right down to breakfast to start the day.  In the evening we read more books in the rocker before his goodnight book.  One of his favorites is the picture book he is holding above.

I did have one miscalculation when I stopped nursing.  A week later, I found myself in a tent, in the woods, with extremely full and painful breasts.  Without a pump the only solution was to nurse Nicholas again.  I tried a short nursing and Nicholas insisted on a full nursing, which I completely understood.  This tent nursing was ultimately my final nursing, and my body and Nicholas both agreed, too.

Apparently Rob and Cooper missed seeing the nursing chair in use and decided to take matters into their own hands.


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