15 months


Length: 31.25 in. (48%)

Weight: 24 lbs 1 ozs (68%) – Up 51% from his 12 month appointment!  This makes the oily fatty messes at meal time these past 3 months completely worth it.

Head Circumference: 19.5 in. (98%)

Doctor check-up

Development:  Signing added: “down” by pointing to the ground, “up” by raising his arms and “help” by hitting his chest in a tarzan fashion.  Climbing stairs, can get up both flights in less than 2 minutes.  Can slide down stairs safely, but has trouble getting lined up to get started.  Started cruising on furniture and a little bit between objects.  Nicholas can now pick up something off the floor while standing and stand back up again.

Nicholas is getting so good at stairs he now tries to sneak toys up with him

Nicholas still doesn’t mind riding in the carrier, but he prefers the view when riding on your back instead of front.

Physical: now in 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  His bottom right molar is completely through giving him 9 teeth.  The other 3 molars are bulging under his gums.

Eating:  Loves bananas and yogurt.  Will eat almost anything and eating large quantities.  Still drinks less than 8 ounces s a day with 3 nursings.  Nicholas pretty much insists on having a utensil in his hand when he is eating.  He is starting to sign “eat” when he sees something he wants instead of grunting or screaming which is a very pleasant change.

Sleeps solid 2-3 hours for nap time at 1pm and 7pm – 6:30am overnight.  The morning nap is usually 30-60 minutes of moving around the crib before 20 minutes of sleeping.  During his morning nap is when Cooper and I get ready.

Firsts: Flying a kite and Dentist visit

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