Children’s Museum

Still one of Cooper’s very favorite parts of the museum is getting to drive the bus.

It has been just a few months since we were last at the Children’s museum and it was amazing how much more interactive Nicholas was with the exhibits.  Above he is displaying the baby treadmill as he continuously tried to climb the slide.

Brothers in a whale mouth

Cooper is a trooper when it comes to walking distances and doesn’t complain a bit.  After the long walk back from the museum we suggested adding a few more blocks to our trip and having burgers at Dicks, he was game.

If you would have told me that we would be feeding our 13 month old fries and milkshakes I would have called your bluff.  It is interesting how a “failure to thrive” diagnosis switches your dietary goals for your kiddo.  We now look to pack calories into Nicholas any chance we can.  Apparently he has no problem sucking from a straw when it contains vanilla milkshake.

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