Nene Time and Boys weekend

Nene came to town a little early for Nicholas’ birthday to help out while Daddy was out of town.  She played hours of dump truck and bulldozer, a new experience given her oldest grandchildren are all girls.

On Saturday we checked out the story time at our local Barnes and Noble.  It was our lucky day, they were handing out duck sound noise makers.  Nicholas loved when Cooper blew on it.  Fortunately, it only lasted a few days before it magically disappeared.

We enjoyed some swinging and a walk at Juanita Beach on Sunday.  Cooper insisted on stopping at all the breaks in the railings to see if his head would fit through the gap.

Another special treat when Nene was in town was for Cooper to get to ride in the big basket of the cart.  Nicholas is getting pretty heavy to carry so I will soon need to find a solution for my solo shopping adventures with these kiddos.  This may be our solution until Cooper prefers to walk along side the cart.

Rob enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in New Orleans with 7 of his college buddies.

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