Brother Love

We love these two to pieces!  Every day we are reminded just how much love we have for each other and these two amazing boys.  This firetruck is a favorite toy of both boys.  Nicholas loves to bite the hose on the back and chase Cooper.  Cooper loves to ride on it and use the 6″ ladders to climb up on things.

Somehow we have ended up with 3 stools upstairs.  Cooper has discovered how much fun he can have by digging them all out to walk across them.  Nicholas is a big fan of watching Cooper go across them.  Funny enough, Cooper will only walk up the 2 step stool and down the black one, there is no turning around and going the other way.

Any morning Cooper gets to sit next to Nicholas at breakfast is a fantastic morning in his eyes.  We do this when we Skype or Facetime with family so you can see both boys on the computer at the same time.  Cooper pulls on Nicholas’ chair to make sure it as close as physically possible to him.

This house toy just keeps on giving.  We loved watching how their 3 cousins could play on it together and now it is one our favorites.  We keep it in Nicholas’ room as a go to place to keep them both busy and happily playing together when working on exciting things, such as laundry.

We bundled up and brought out the lawn games to start practicing for the fun the spring and summer sunshine will bring.

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