10 months

Development: Nicholas can now move from laying down to sitting up on his own.  He chose to first do this in his crib just a few days after we lowered the mattress.  He loves to stand holding on to things, especially his brother’s crib.  He is getting closer to crawling by getting up on all fours, but continues to get one foot stuck in front of his other knee preventing him from moving.  Nicholas now claps and loves to slam his hand down on things, especially his high chair.

The separation anxiety many infants experience at this age is peaking in our house.  Nicholas is not happy unless Mama is not only within sight, but must also be holding him.  This makes it incredibly hard on our visitors.  The weekly attempts at the gym have ended after just 20 minutes due to his crying the entire time.  Nicholas is definitely a Mama’s boy, while it is a wonderful feeling to be so wanted, it can also be mentally and physically exhausting.  He is an amazing cuddler and fits so perfectly in my arms with his head resting on my right shoulder.

Helping to get Cooper up after nap

So happy to be on all fours and doesn’t seem too frustrated to have one foot caught making it so he can’t move.

Physical:  Nicholas now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.  He wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

Eating: We are still searching for the food combo that Nicholas will enjoy and not constipated.  He has Cheerios  and/or dried yogurt drops at nearly every meal, gets one 3.5 ounce container of pears a day, typically at lunch and that is about it.  Nicholas may only eat one container of puree food a day since he typically turns his head after a few spoon fulls.  He really seems to enjoy finger foods so we are trying out more of those adding in both broccoli and peas this month.  We try puree or finger foods 3 times a day when we are all sitting down for a meal together.

Nicholas’ primary nourishment is still from breast feeding.  He nurses when he wakes up (between 5 & 6am), 2 hours later before his first nap, sometimes around 10, before second nap at noon, when he wakes up from nap around 2 or 3, at 4:30 and for a final feeding before bed at 6:30pm.  Nearly all of these feedings happen at home and are either in the glider chair upstairs or the armed chair in the living room downstairs.  I still use a boppy pillow to help hold and position him while nursing.

Sleeping:  Nicholas has moved from waking up 2-3 times a night to sleeping through the night.  We start the night time routine with a feeding at 6:30 and he is in bed by 7 at wakes up around 5:30am.  The morning nap is close to an hour most days and the afternoon nap is an hour or a bit longer sometimes.

Firsts: Clapping, Teeth #5 and #6, Sitting up from laying down, Finger foods of broccoli and peas, sleeping through the night consistently

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