Extended Family Day at Grandpa and Grandma’s

Cooper helping Grandma with final dessert preparation

Today my cousin, Michelle, her three kids and my Aunt Janet all met up for a family brunch at Grandpa and Grandma’s on Camano Island.  The kids loved all of the games and toys that their Great Uncle Ron has collected over time.  Cooper loved being able to play with these toys with the big kids too!

Stephen, Paige and Great Uncle Ron playing the slots
Grandpa giving Cooper bowling tips

This is an extra special picture because June is sitting in a chair that Cooper’s Grandpa Ron and June’s Grandpa Ted used to play with as little boys.

Nicholas and June are exactly 5 months apart, they will have so much to talk about together when they get just a little bit older.

Nicholas is getting much more stable standing now and can hold on to just a finger to balance.

Who wouldn’t love to visit with this amazing view, delicious food, and fantastic company.

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