2 1/2

Height: 39.65 inches (99%)

Weight: 37lbs 9 ozs (98%)

At the doctor’s office

Development:  Cooper is getting more adventurous, but still falls closer to the cautious side of the spectrum.  He loves to jump, especially after just waking up in his crib.  His vocabulary is exploding with new words every day.  His memory for past events is very impressive and our daily topics of conversation continue to surprise me.  He is pretty good with his “please” and “thank yous” and a “Goodbye Daddy (or Mama) I luv you” melts our hearts.  He is potty trained during the day and wears a diaper for nap (typically wakes up dry) and at night time wears an overnight diaper with insert.  We will work on eliminating the diaper when he moves to a big boy bed.

Sliding on his belly down a slide for the first time


Physical:  His hair is turning a darker brown and he has a dark brown strip at 3 o’clock when looking at the back of his head.  He is wearing 3T shirts and pants, but the shirts are getting too short.  He has the most beautiful smile and the double dimples light up the room.

Sleeping:  Cooper still loves his sleep.  He typically is in bed by 7:30pm and wakes up at 7am.  He is in his crib for a nap from 1-4 where he usually sings for the first hour before taking a 2 hour snooze.  Some of his favorite songs are Yellow Submarine, Bad Blue Jay, Farmer in the Dell and the Goodbye song from his swimming class.  It is amazing how he can blend so smoothly from one song to the next during his singing sessions.

We spent Cooper’s half birthday with this amazing group of PEPS friends at our semi-annual full family gathering.  You can see our original PEPS kiddos on the couch with their Mamas and the growing younger sibling crew behind in their Daddy’s arms.

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