Happy Halloween!  The tradition continues with handmade costumes that are a little unique.   I have been told that this is likely the last year Cooper will let me pick his costume so we took advantage with themed costumes.  Cooper was a chicken and Nicholas was an egg.

It was almost a costume free Halloween.  I had been trying for a couple of weeks to have Cooper try on his costume, but he always said “no.”  It was now Halloween and we were in downtown Woodinville to trick-or-treat at the local businesses.  As you can tell from Cooper’s face he REALLY didn’t want to put the chicken costume on.  Daddy then had the super fantastic idea to tell him it was a chicken jacket and that it was cold out so he should put it on.  This was key!  He also put the arms in first and didn’t put the hood on until he was comfortable again.

We are all smiles since we thought this might be the only minute Cooper had the costume on, but at least we had a picture.

Cooper warmed up to the costume pretty quickly and was ready to hit the streets.  Cooper received many compliments on his costume which helped sell him on just how cool it was to wear it.

A classic, chicken getting ready to cross the road captured by Daddy.

We ended the evening with some trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  If Cooper said anything at all after he knocked on the door, it went something like this.  “Happy birthday (sometimes followed with Halloween too)” and/or “Christmas tree (aka trick-or-treat).”  Looks like we should have started practicing the Halloween sayings sooner than the day of.  Handing the candy over to Mama and Daddy is also likely to end this year even though it included a few M&Ms for Cooper.

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