8 Months

Physical: Rolling and pivoting on his belly to get where he wants to go.  Reaching and raking with his fingers to bring things closer.  Using Aquaphor on his pointer finger and thumb of both hands at night trying to heal the very dry skin from chewing/sucking.  Using a pacifier and holder during the day to have him chomp on instead of his fingers.  Ticklish everywhere when using a super soft touch.  Sitting on his own and has some success moving to laying down without smashing his face into the floor.  He is in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

He started on the play mat

Nicholas is a very chill kid, especially if he is held by is Mama.  He really goes with the flow, but is also very quick to let you know if he is hungry or sleepy.  He is very grabby and loves to touch anything he can reach and usually follows that quickly by trying to put it in his mouth.  Nicholas happily wore his costume at toddler group this week.

Eating: Added: carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, prunes and pears to his rice cereal and peas diet.  He has become super backed up so prunes and pears are the primary food.  Somehow his poops still manage to be a crazy bright color of orange.  We have also given him a handful of puffs (baby cheerios) and a few have even successfully made it into his mouth.

Sleeping: Nicholas goes to bed at 7pm and typically wakes up 1-2 times in the night for a feeding and then wakes for the day around 6:15am.  He rarely takes a nap in the morning unless it is a quick car ride snooze.  He typically sleeps an hour in the afternoon and can extend this another two hours if he is held in the rocker.  We are still trying to figure our napping/sleeping sweet spot routine together.

First commercial airplane flight and meeting his cousins in person.  First two teeth.  First solid, puffs. First Halloween costume.

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