Family Photos

We had family photos with Chelsey Hawes Photography in Tacoma at Wright Park.  We were excited to capture our family of four surrounded by the beautiful fall colors.  What we didn’t plan for is a toddler who was very excited to take pictures during the 1 hour drive to get there, changing his mind as soon as we arrived.  It was crazy windy, cold and tough to get smiles at times, but we are happy with the end result.  Here are some of our favorites:


You can find the full set of pictures here.

The photo session ended just before the downpour started.  We celebrated at a local brewery (Engine House No. 9) where Cooper enjoyed drinking water from a sampler glass.

We really love having a potty in the back of the car for Cooper, it has saved us from many public restroom visits.  It has also given us many memorable photo opportunities.

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