Pacific City Ocean Adventure

Having little kids allows you to start your day at 6am and easily be to the beach by 8am.  This also gives you the gift of taking a family shadow picture on the beach with the sun so low.

On our first to the beach we gave Cooper a shovel and pail and said he got to dig in the sand that day.  On the walk to the beach there is a spot in the path with rocks and sand.  Cooper set his toys down to play here thinking it was the sandy place we had talked about.  You can only guess how excited he was when he actually got to the beach with endless sand.

Rescuing my boys from the incoming waves.

Getting a little more brave with the waves to get his toes wet with Daddy.


More tummy and play time back at the house while Cooper napped.

After nap we ventured out for dinner.  We had stopped at the grocery store when we landed so we could enjoy most meals at the rental house, but wanted to try the local pub at least once.

Daddy was able to mark off another item on his bucket list, taking the kids to the Pelican brewery.

Cooper enjoys nearly all kinds of food.  This is fantastic for most meals unless you are trying to eat something you might not want to share.



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