6 Months


Length: 27.01 inches (79%)

Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (60%)

Head Circumference: 17.91 inches (93%)

We had a good doctor appointment and everything is going as expected for Nicholas.  They did give us a referral to a craniofacial specialist for our concern about his misshapen head.  After meeting with the specialist we are going to do physical therapy and use muscle strengthening and gravity to reshape his head instead of a helmet.

Development: Nicholas is a roller!  He loves to move from his back to tummy and back again.  He usually rolls over to the left from his tummy, but can do it both ways.  He is able to sit for a few seconds before “tacoing” over, where his toes touch his face.  He loves his jumper and loves to giggle when Cooper does anything to be silly to entertain him.  Nicholas is super ticklish, especially under his neck and up his spine.  He loves to stick his tongue out and has started blowing raspberries.  He is enjoying standing while being held and usually quickly turns it into jumping on your lap.  Nicholas is SO grabby.  We dare you to try to drink from a cup when holding him without spilling it 🙂


Reaching “Taco” sitting status


Physical: Nicholas has some adorable rolls.  They don’t jump out at you, but when you look closely they are there.  His skin is red between the folds on top of his wrists, top of his ankles, in his arm pits and under his neck.  His eyes are still blue in color.  One eyelash on his right eye is 50% longer than the others and it has been that way since birth.  His hair is standing up on top and in back, but not in front.  It varies in color from brown to blond depending on the lighting.  His toes are really long and he can grasp them together like fingers.  He gets a blister on the top of his right foot from jumping on it in the jumper.  He can really getting bouncing in his bouncer using his right leg too.  Nicholas has a callus on his thumb and pointer finger of both hands from sucking on them.  We don’t see him suck on them very often, but by the markings he must do it a fair amount.


Bedtime Routine: Nicholas has his “last” feeding at 6:30pm and then we give him a diaper change and vitamin.  We read “I am a Bunny,” lay him in the crib to put the sleep sack on and sing the good night song.  He typically cries right after we leave so we go back in and put the binky back in his mouth.  He can become really upset so we keep trying every 5 minutes until he gets so tired he can fall asleep.  He wakes 1-4 times a night.  Most of the time giving a binky will help him fall back to sleep, but 1-2 times he demands a feeding.  Our day starts again around 5:30.

Eating: Nicholas loves to eat every two hours during the day.  During a feeding his free arm is in motion, searching around for something to hit or grab.  He is still not a fan of a bottle, but we keep trying every few weeks.  This  means that Mama and Nicholas spend a lot of time together.  We are still working on getting Nicholas used to spending more time with others holding him which we could get more naturally if he took a bottle.

Sleeping:  We have moved him to a sleep sack from the swaddle due to his rolling.  He spends most of his naps and night sleeping on his belly.  We put him down initially on his back with his head turned to the left and a binky in his mouth.  He seems to find this most soothing and goes to sleep pretty quickly once you have reached him at the right point of exhaustion.  He typically takes two longer naps a day.  One after the second feeding in the morning at 9 in his crib or a carrier depending if we are out that day.  The second one, we are working on timing to happen when Cooper naps, around 2pm.

Firsts: Time in the jumper, exersaucer, rolling over: one way and both ways, trip to Jackson Hole, using a sleep sack, sleeping on belly






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