Schwabacher’s Landing

We tried to hike Schwabacher Landing last year, but the road was closed.  This year they reopened the trail and it did not disappoint.

Photo credit: Bob

Along the flat trail you could see many trees that had been taken down by the beavers and see their dams in the river.

Cooper is catching the shutter bug that both of his parents have.  He was SO excited to use the camera.

We have now solved the mystery of where the professional Teton photo hanging in our house was taken from.  It was definitely on this trail and Rob thinks they used a ladder to get above some of the closer grass and brush in this shot.

Annual family photo on the deck

We have continued the tradition of taking a family photo on the cabin deck.  Perhaps Nicholas is starting to show a silly side of his personality during his first cabin family photo.  It captures another first.  Cooper’s first time giving a black eye and Mama’s first time receiving one, all during an innocent hug last night.

That night Cooper loved Auntie Catherine’s tortilla soup so much he had to drink it straight from the bowl.

This captures Cooper saying “doggie, no barking” to Gracie and Nicholas laughing every time Cooper is acting even a little bit silly.  As soon as Nicholas starts giggling Cooper will do anything to keep it going.

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