26 Months

Today Cooper is 26 months old.

He is talking all the time now and continues to be more outgoing outside of our house.  He enjoys waving to the neighbors and saying hi to random people.

Potty training continues to be a success using a diaper for nap, overnight and requesting one to poop in each morning.

Nicholas is a love/hate relationship.  He loves to make him giggle and bring him toys, but hates when he takes up Mama time, especially for nursing.

Favorite saying, “Me do it by myself,” when it comes to hand washing, buckling his highchair and many other things

The previous attempts of me trying to help Cooper say his name resulted in him saying Ka, Ka, Pooper.  I am happy to report that he is now able to say Cooper when prompted, but still says Pooper when saying his name on his own.

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