Nene’s Birthday

What an exciting day!  We got to celebrate a milestone birthday with Nene.  Cooper started the morning off by helping to make some “brownie birthday cake” for his chocolate loving Nene.

We then hit the local beach for some water, sun, sand and picnic time including the special birthday brownies. Someone loved building sandcastles and someone else loved kicking them over even more.

The weather was so warm that the cool water felt very nice.

We ended the adventure with an outdoor shower.

That evening Nene and I enjoyed a nice dinner out with some of her friends.  Rob kindly brought Nicholas to me at the restaurant for a final feeding while Charlie stayed home with a sleeping Cooper.  This week Nene has focused on trying a bottle with Nicholas a couple of times a day, but still haven’t had much success with him only drinking an ounce at most and more often drinking none at all.

Happy 60th Nene!  We had so much fun celebrating with you and helping you check off your bucket list.

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