Hard Day

This picture captures the 4 pairs of shoes Cooper tried on before settling on boots to go outside to water the 3 pots on our deck.

Most posts show the highlights of raising these two amazing little boys.  This one, is intended to capture a less glamorous day to help keep the perspective on just how wonderful a majority of the days are.

Nicholas up at 11 and 3am for a feeding

Cooper up at 5:30am for the day

SO many tears.  Tears because the other was crying, tears for wanting more oatmeal and being told yes, tears for reasons that only exhausted children could come up with.

Needing to poop.  Today this meant whining “pee on the potty” every 10-15 minutes for nearly 2 hours.  We go to the potty each time, take off his diaper, he changes his mind, and I redress him.  The diaper is our compromise since Cooper doesn’t want to poop on the potty yet, so when he feels like he needs to poop he asks for a diaper.  Most days he will poop within 20 minutes of asking for the diaper.  On days like this the diaper is very cumbersome with so many potty visits and Cooper so grumpy from not being able to poop.

Nicholas scream crying.  Wondered what that sounds like…only play this video if you are curious, otherwise pass and keep looking at cute blog pictures instead.


We didn’t leave the house for fear of Cooper poop crying, tiredness and baby Nicholas screaming outside of our house walls.  It is a catch 22 because days not leaving the house feel twice as long, but sometimes the circumstances really might be worse if you take the show out in public.

Finally nap time…

Evening was good and I am so happy to have this day behind us.

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