McMinnville, Oregon

For Memorial Day weekend we headed down to McMinnville, Oregon with some friends.  Given Nicholas’ lack of excitement for time in the car we decided to try our luck at the 1.25 hour flight instead.  Daddy introduced Cooper to thumb-wars on the flight down.

Cooper was saying and signing “all done” just as you can see the McMinnville airport through the front window.  It looks like our trip timing was perfect.  It ended up taking 3 hours including time to drive to the airport here, load, flight time, renting a car and getting to the rental house.  Later we learned it took our friends 6 hours instead of 4 to drive this distance due to the Memorial Day weekend traffic.  To say we were happy we flew is an understatement.

We had a fantastic time exploring McMinnville and watching the kiddos play together.  Hearing their laughter as they chased each other from one end of the house to the other made us smile from ear to ear.

Pretend sleeping after all that running
So many books to read


Nicholas was pretty consistent in waking up at 5:30am each morning.  Since he is still exclusively nursing Rob and Cooper were left in the room to snooze a little longer.  One morning Rob woke up to a big “Hi Daddy” and this smiling face staring at him from across the room.  Apparently the furniture didn’t block Cooper’s view when he was standing.

Time at the park was a highlight for the adults and kids.

The slide triggered a bit of static for Cooper’s hair
Family picture, prom style.  Photo credit: Amanda





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