Nana Week

The boys were so excited to see Nana.  It is getting really fun to see all of the unique things Cooper remembers about Nana and have him ask her for them as soon as she gets here.  He loves to see her wear her glasses and sing “Ladies Ride”.

Glasses like Nana
Singing Ladies Ride

Cooper’s current favorite book is “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site,” and Nana picked up on this quickly.

Each time we got in the car Cooper would start saying “More Tractor” and Nana would keep her eagle eyes out looking for any construction vehicle we drove by.  “Tractor” is the current general term he uses for anything vehicle or construction related.  He has also moved from saying Nana, Daddy or Mama in a loud silly way in the car to adding “Hi” before the passenger’s name.  Example: “Hi Nana” and he will keep saying it until you say “Hi Cooper” in response.

During her visit Cooper said his longest phrase to date “goodbye Uncle Charlie’s car, see you later Uncle Charlie’s car.”  This happened when we were closing the blinds in his room and Cooper saw Charlie’s car in the driveway.  Cooper is on a big kick now to say “goodbye” and “see you later” to both people and random objects when he leaves the room.  Example: “Goodbye ball, see you later ball”

It was another fun visit with Nana.


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