It Had to Happen…

We started off our day with a fun trip to the Miller house where they have this awesome storm drain that you can throw rocks into.  It is one of Ben and Avery’s activities and Cooper was quick to partake in it too.

After nap Cooper woke up super rosy cheeked, but I figured it was from his room getting too warm from the sun.

Rob had a late night meeting so it was my first time doing dinner and bedtime with both kids alone.  After dinner Cooper was acting pretty lethargic and not his normal goofy self just before bed.  Then just before the final steps of the night time routine he puked 🙁  I was able to get him cleaned up in the bath and with some extra cuddles finished up the routine to get him to bed.  A few hours later we woke up to Cooper crying and found he had puked again.  We quickly stripped Cooper to try to lower his 104 degree temperature.  Rob then frantically did research online and called the nurse to figure out what to do.  We were very lucky to make it 22 months with no puke/fever, but were perplexed on what to do for him now that it did happen.   It was very sad to see our little man feeling so bad, he just laid in my arms while I rocked him.  Even when feeling his worst Cooper’s empathy continued when he was telling us to take care of Nicholas who had woke up crying while I was holding Cooper.  We eventually got everything cleaned up, Cooper cooled down with the help of Tylenol and back to bed.

After spending hours rocking Nicholas, it reminded me how much Cooper has grown in nearly 2 years and how much I miss his super cuddly phase as a baby.

Fortunately, Cooper did not get sick again, but was in desperate need of cuddles the entire next day.  Extra fortunately, Rob was able to work from home that day and spent most of it holding and carrying Cooper around the house.  A much tougher job now that he is closing in on 35lbs.

Rob tried Curious George at breakfast.  He was semi interested.  The first time he introduced the show it was during a nail clipping session and Cooper was laughing non stop.

Here is a picture of our poor boy feeling under the weather.

Nicholas surprised us with a very special gift of his longest stretch of sleep so far, 7 hours between feedings that night!

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