First Day at Home With Two

Today was Rob’s first day back to work after being off on 5 weeks of paternity leave for Nicholas.  Looking back on these 5 weeks we were able to have some incredible bonding time as a family.  I was reminded, daily, what an incredible father Rob is and that there is no one I would rather go on this parenting journey with than him.  We were able to lean on each other and learn even more about our strengths and weaknesses through so many ‘firsts’ and lots of sleep deprivation 🙂

During the day our friends Tia and Ty came over to visit for a play date.  Amber wasn’t kidding when she said Ty’s name is easy for kids to say.  Cooper hasn’t stopped talking about him and Tia along with revisiting everything they did together during their play date.

This evening Nicholas enjoyed his first tummy time and ended up falling asleep for 2 hours on his belly.

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