Auntie Nicole!

We had such a special treat this weekend.  Auntie Nicole flew here from Colorado just to meet Nicholas.  I am very lucky to have such an amazing friend and my kiddos to have such a great Auntie.  A visit with Nicole makes me so happy, it lasts for weeks.  As you can see in the picture Nicholas didn’t hold back any personality while she was here.  Probably because he knew she could handle it 🙂  He did fall asleep in her arms for over an hour during her visit, but we didn’t take a picture of that…

Cooper is still working on mastering the navigation of stairs as you can see from his forehead, but the stink eye look he has nailed!

That evening we ventured out as an extended family to the local Mexican restaurant.  Cooper is showing off his ‘cheese’ face and Nicholas rewarded us with a quiet dinner, snoozing the entire time.

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