Nana and Pop-pop Come to Town

Cooper showing off his ‘cheese’ face with Nana

So exciting, Nana and Pop-pop have come to town to meet Nicholas and play with Cooper.   After a few days of just the 4 of us we were looking forward to having family in town again during Rob’s 5 weeks of paternity leave.  In addition to the always wonderful family time, Cooper loved the additional attention, we all loved Pop-pop’s fantastic cooking and we were very grateful for Nana’s help to stay on top of the kitchen mess.

Pop-pop had the magic touch and was able to get Cooper to eat a raw green bean.  This has been one of the few items on Cooper’s list of food he doesn’t like since we started trying it in puree form with him as a baby.

After their first night in town Pop-pop confirmed Nicholas’ cry is a loud one.  The next morning he said he thought we were going to come tell them we were heading to the emergency room because something was wrong with Nicholas overnight.  We let him know it was the standard diaper change/need to burp/sleepy scream that he was hearing through the wall.

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