Welcome Nicholas Robert Kochman

We are over the moon excited to introduce the world to Nicholas Robert Kochman.

Nicholas – Kelly has a great uncle named Nicola and we really liked how the named Nicholas sounded with Kochman

Robert – Rob, his Dad and Kelly’s Grandpa are all named Robert making this the perfect middle name representing both sides of our families

Stats: 9lbs 13oz, 20″ long and a 15.1″ head circumference

Nicholas is absolutely beautiful.  We love his long dark curly hair and the adorable tail that he already has at the back of his head.  He has a single cowlick at the top of his head.  His button nose is slightly upturned and he has the baby blue/gray colored eyes.  Nicholas has a nice round belly, thin legs, and a full face.  He was born with very long finger nails and it appears he can curl his tongue, like his Mama.  His cry is a high pitched shrill that instantly happens from sleeping, there is no in-between mode.  He enjoys eating and is really good at it.  Diaper changes are very eventful with an 80%+ rate of peeing and/or pooping during the diaper change.  We (really Rob because Kelly is so lucky to have a husband that does them all) use an average of 3 diapers a change by the time it is done.  It took only one diaper change for Nicholas to pee on his Daddy for the first time.

We are so in love with every inch of our snugly little boy.

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