18 Hours

Nene is in town and it is time to get the final baby preparation items complete.  Just 18 hours until our littlest guy joins our family.  It was a beautiful day out so we headed to a toddler park for some sunshine before the next 48 hours which will be spent in a hospital room. Cooper loved this slide.  It was the perfect speed for him to feel comfortable sliding by himself and not fall off the end.

Daddy is always looking for a chance to take pictures of Cooper and this day at the park was no exception.

Mama getting some final big belly swinging in while Nene pushes Cooper in his own swing.

Cooper loves to snuggle and kiss his baby brother.  We wanted to capture a couple of these moments before the belly is gone.


To help prepare Cooper for his brothers arrival we have been talking a lot about the baby, introduced a cabbage patch baby doll to play with and have read this big brother book many times.


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