36 Weeks

Wow, has it really already been 36 weeks only leaving us 3 more weeks until little brother’s arrival?  Yikes!  It really does go so much fast the second time around.  From 34-36 weeks I have had a much harder time sleeping at night and started waking up 5 times through out the night.  This coincided with a 2 week run of colds in our family so I am hoping I can get a few more winks of sleep in before his arrival date now that we are starting to breath easier and cough less.  Speaking of sickness, what do you do with a winter newborn and visitors?  Cooper and all of his friends have a constant runny nose this time of year so it will be interesting.  As one mom-to-be advised, lots of front pack time and I think I may use this strategy too.

At the 34 week appointment I was measuring just one week ahead, the same as last appointment, so the doctor isn’t concerned about size of little brother.  The rest of the tests were looking good and I am up an exciting 40lbs at this point.

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