Lots of Helping These Days

Laundry helping, we are getting this down to a good routine.  He will fill the laundry basket with clothes from the dryer.  We then hand him the wet clothes from the washer to toss into the dryer, one at a time.  Then pop him up on top of the dryer where we again hand him clothes one article at a time to be tossed into the washer.  His favorite is the last one and he often says “up” when we are in the laundry room hoping there is another load of wash to do.

Cooper is fascinated by the dishwasher.  We are still in search of the perfect balance of keeping him out of the dishwasher when the dishes are dirty, but letting him help unload when they are clean.  When it is time for him to help unload you better be on your toes.  The kiddo can yank dishes and glasses out of the dishwasher at an alarmingly fast pace.  Right now we have to make stacks on the counter because there is no time to put them into the cupboard before the next piece comes flying out of the dishwasher from this little helper.

Helping to make biscuits.  One of our biggest challenges in the kitchen is to find ways for him to be a part of the action without being on the counter next to the hot stove.

The highlight of Cooper’s day is when Daddy gets home.  Today they did some bean exploring together to find hidden farm animals and fill up some bowls

The final helping picture of the week is making pizza with Mama.  Daddy taught him to say “pizza, pizza, pizza” so imagine hearing that adorable expression as he is helping to spread out the cheese.

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