We started off our Whistler adventure with a stop at Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, WA.  Here we met up with the two other families we were traveling with as well as some of my college friends, Joel, Denice and Chris Roselli.  We marked this visit by picking up a new growlette, perfectly Cooper sized.  Cooper surprised us all by enjoying his first pickle when Daddy thought he would get a pucker face and “all done” response 🙂

Cooper’s first pickle

After crossing the border and a stop for meals at Costco we were on our way to Whistler.  The drive was very beautiful with the water and islands on one side and steep mossy mountains on the other.

Our first day of adventure through town was a rather wet, but fun one.  After a group shot in front of the Olympic rings the ladies took off for some shopping and a relaxing lunch while the guys took the kiddos back to the condo for their own lunch and nap time.

Rob, Cooper, Kelly, Amanda, Madeleine, George, Kristen, Austin and Dave – Photo Credit: Amanda

Cooper enjoyed his first taste of, Mama’s favorite, peppermint chip blizzard from Dairy Queen.  He quickly signed “more” 🙂

It was so nice to travel with two other toddler families from our PEPs group.  The kids really enjoyed playing with each other, especially exploring the condo’s stairs and kitchen drawers.  These stack-able balls are our go to travel toy so they have adventured with us during our road/airplane trip to Alabama, Mexico and now Canada.

Madeleine, Cooper and Austin
Bath Time Fun – Photo Credit: Amanda

On the second day in town the guys went skiing while the girls ventured out for a snow day with the kids.  It definitely took some work to get the three kids dressed and on our way, but we worked through the tears together and ended up having a very fun time in the snow.  I am so glad the other families told us to bring a BOB stroller, anything else would have been useless on the “cleared” pathways.

A bundled up Cooper

Cooper took almost a full hour to warm up to the idea of enjoying the snow, but we did get there.  He loved watching his friend Madeleine sledding and would request “more” after she finished each run.  He was much happier watching than participating.  Near the end he was actually smiling as we had him sliding down the hill on his bottom.  Having his Mama right there and the thrill of sliding appeared to be the perfect combination.

A not so happy sledding Cooper
Happy sliding – Photo Credit: Amanda

Daddy enjoying a day on the slopes

All pictures from the trip are posted here.

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