Happy New Year!

Cooper and his new friend from grocery shopping with Daddy, Mr. Red Potato, would like to wish you a very happy New Year.  Hard to believe this little man has brought us so much joy and it has only been 1.5 years.  It feels like he has been a part of our family for years.  We feel very fortunate to be Cooper’s parents.

Some goals for 2014.  1. Create at least one structured play activity each week by researching ideas online and through friends.  Cooper’s mind is a huge sponge and we want to keep him stimulated, plus it is so much fun to watch him learn.  It is easy to fall into a groove playing with the same toys everyday at home.  2. Remember to take everyday one day at a time, especially when little brother arrives to make sure we stay balanced and not get overwhelmed by things we can’t control.  3. Be thankful, we are surrounded by amazing friends and family making it easy to forget just how lucky we are, take the time to tell them.  4. Finally, have fun every day, we only get this time with the little ones once so we need to make the most of it!

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