Visiting Daddy’s Family in Houston

It is hard to believe at 18 months old this was Cooper’s first trip to Houston.  We had such a wonderful visit with Daddy’s family and really enjoyed some of the Houston sunshine even if the weather was a little chilly.

It was our first time visiting Nana and Pop-Pop’s new house and getting to hangout at home with Daddy, his siblings and parents.  The two dogs, Louie and Gracie kept Cooper very entertained and helped him practice his “gentle touches.”

Louie and Cooper

Cooper loved chasing Gracie, playing with Nana’s glasses, sweeping and building Lego towers with Auntie Catherine.  Whenever Gracie would start barking someone would say “stop” and Cooper quickly picked up on this making “stop” one of his most clearly spoken words to date.  Pretty funny that “stop” and “no, no, no” are his favorites.  We were trying to introduce “yes” on this trip to spice things up, but that looks like it will take a bit longer.

Cooper catching Gracie on her way in the dog door
Moose pant buddies

Pop-Pop was always up to interesting things in the kitchen that Cooper had to check out.  Cooper took the liberty to help “reorganize” some of the cupboards for him too.

Superman and Pop-Pop hard at work in the kitchen

The kitchen was a popular gathering place for everyone.

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