18 Months

Cooper is at such a great age right now.  He soaks up everything going on around him and loves to mimic us.  He is very busy and loves to explore everywhere.


Height: 35.71 in. (99%)

Weight: 31 lbs. 6oz. (96%)

Head Circumference: 20.51 in. (100%)

First time being able to sit in the chair at the doctors office

Developments: Cooper loves to be outside when the weather permits and the highlight of any day is a day that we get to walk to go meet Daddy at the bus stop.  He smiles, points and says Daddy as soon as he sees him.  When we tell him to get ready to go he will walk over to the laundry room on his own and pick out his shoes to have us put on.  Most of his words are still only words that his parents can understand, but he is definitely trying out new sounds and enjoys chatting even if no one understands.  He is slowly starting into the independence stage by throwing his milk bottle when he is done eating, followed with an “uh oh.”  Cooper loves his swim lessons with his Daddy and is getting more and more comfortable in the water.

Routine: He takes a couple hour nap in the afternoon a few days a week, but he can also take a 20 minutes power nap in the car and be up for the day when he decides.  If the stats are right, it is probably growing an inch a month that makes our little guy a sleepy one.  He now usually has a morning snack since he is napping so much longer in the afternoon.  We give him whole milk with breakfast, dinner and just before bed.  The doctor did hesitate for a second about keeping him on whole milk until 2 (due to his size), but said it is the guidance so we should stick with it.

Milestones: Unfortunately this month also marked Cooper’s third visit to the hospital, this time for a chipped tooth.  We are still torn on what to do for his tooth, but have postponed any surgeries until later in January giving us time to think about it some more.  Cooper is still cutting in 6 teeth at the same time, the top 2 molars and all 4 canine teeth.

Full set of November pictures are here.

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