Turkey Day in Tucson

Stella, Daphne, Cooper and Fiona

We were excited to spend Thanksgiving in the Tucson sunshine.  Nene kindly offered to meet us at the Phoenix airport and drive the 3 hours, in traffic, to Tucson together.  This is the first time Cooper has been mobile when seeing his nieces and they all loved the fact that he could finally be a part of the action.

Coloring with cousins: Daphne, Cooper, Stella and Fiona
Auntie Kari showing Cooper the ropes of Black Friday ad review

During one of Cooper’s naps we were able to have a little science fun and break apart these “eggs” with vinegar to reveal dinosaurs.  I saw the experiment on one of the blogs I follow and was really looking forward to trying it out with the girls.  It was a hit.

Football watching and game playing, two of our favorite things to do happening at the same time.

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